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    "Trufit Custom Foot Orthotics helped me take my practice
    further than I have ever imagined. My patients are very
    happy with the results and so I am."

What we do

We manufacture custom corrective foot orthotics here in the USA. Our orthoses are designed so that no two pairs are alike - they are custom made to your feet. In order to achieve this we have set Research, Development and Innovation as our foremost goals, and we only employ medical, engineering, and computer science professionals who share that vision.

Become a Partner

We are proud to partner with O&P Practitioners, Medical Professionals, and Athletic Communities as providers of our Custom Made Foot Orthotics.


100% Custom Foot Orthotics

Trufit designs and crafts Custom Foot Orthotics capable of providing therapeutic relief and correction for
nearly any foot alingment.


The Future Today

We use a High-Resolution 3D scanner, a powerful computer aided design suite, and precision milling to
craft your Custom Foot Orthotics.


Our Laboratories

In our laboratories, Certified Biomechanical and Podiatric Medical Corrective Device CAD Engineers custom design each pair of foot orthoses (orthotics) from a 3D high-resolution scan of a raw foam impression or cast of a patient’s foot taken in a clinical weight bearing, semi-weight or non-weight bearing position. The design process itself is proprietary and meticulous and experience is necessary as each pair of foot orthoses is different from the previous. However, an advanced knowledge of biomechanics, foot anatomy, gait cycle, kinetic and kinematic force vectors, and lower-limb orthopedics is required for a precise and effective corrective device with little to none adaptive time for the patient.

5 REASONS Why we are the best orthotics company

Our commitment to Research, Development and Innovation is a foremost goal, and we only employ medical, engineering, and computer science professionals who share that vision.

Over the past 20 years, we have perfected the art of making the best Custom Foot Orthotics in the world.
Trufit foot orthotics are 100% custom made to your feet by orthopedic and biomechanical specialists in our labs.
We treat each client as a partner. Together, we strive to eliminate orthopedic conditions around the world caused by wearing improper footwear.
Our orthotic labs utilize the latest technological advancements that improve accuracy and functionality of our devices.
Our goal is help people improve their health by changing the way they walk – using Custom Foot Orthotics.


We are proud of our accomplishments and excited about the future.

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